Gta san andreas apk 2022 download highly compressed OBB data file

GTA san andreas apk

GTA San Andreas APK was one of the most loved games in the Rockstar North series.

Its thrilling storyline and adventure-packed missions made the game hugely popular.

GTA san andreas apk

GTA San Andreas APK is considered one of the series’ classics, alongside the vice city. The best thing about this game is that it can be downloaded and played on your smartphone.

You can now download the gta san andreas Apk. Rockstar Games has an APK version of the game available in the Play Store. However, the Apk version can be downloaded from the App Store without paying.

To get the best out of your game, however, you will need a high-quality mobile phone with specific features and requirements. You will also need to meet the requirements to enjoy the game with high-quality graphics.

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Additional information

App NameGTA San Andreas APK
Size26.6 MB
Storage Space Required2.5 GB

GTA san andreas mobile plot

The plot of the game centres around Carl Johnson, the main protagonist. CJ was able to return to Los Santos in 1992 to attend his mother’s funeral, who had been killed in a drive-by shooting.

Upon his arrival in the city, he is stopped by CRASH, who try to intimidate him into capturing him for the murder of a police officer.

CJ departs them, reuniting Ryder, Sweet and Kendl at the funeral. He discovers that the Grove street families had most of their territory taken by the Ballas (their archrivals). He decides to remain in Los Santos until all his problems with the gang are solved.

CJ spends the rest of his time trying to avoid corrupt cops while trying to save his family and restore street influence. To take control of the streets, he joins forces with Ryder, Sweet, and ample smoke. He eventually takes over the majority of the territories once under Ballas’ control.

Cesar helps him later to discover that the drive-by shooting which caused his mother’s death was an attempt to kill his brother sweet and his gang “Grove Street Family”.

He discovers that his childhood friends Ryder, Smoke and CRASH were behind the attempted murder. CJ proceeds to assassinate the traitors to get revenge for the death of his mother in grand theft auto san andreas.

GTA san andreas features

GTA San Andreas APK has many features not available in GTA Vice City APK. Rockstar added many great features to the latest version, which will be a massive hit with gta san andreas fans. Below is a list that shows you some of the great features found in the game gta san andreas.

  • GTA San Andreas now offers mini-games that the user can play. You can choose from classic arcade games or outdoor games like basketball, pool, and other sports.
  • Cash is an essential part of the game. You can access Casino games to earn cash quickly.
  • The game now includes Bicycles as a control system. It makes the gta san andreas mod apk more fun.
  • Rockstar also offers a variety of new vehicle systems such as ATVs and harvesting vehicles, tow trucks and jets. Users who enjoy driving in the game have many options in grand theft auto san andreas.
  • CJ can now find updated skills and abilities that enable him to swim underwater, climb on walls, and jump over barriers. This is a feature GTA fans have been anticipating for years.
  • A new weapon system and shooting system has been added to GTA San Andreas APK, one of the most requested features in grand theft auto san andreas.
  • The health system has been upgraded to match the of gta san andreas games. You can now play specific roles. CJ would need to eat a lot of food to survive. CJ would need to exercise regularly to keep in shape. You can make him sick if you do too much exercise.
  • You can now customize your car in the game’s garages. Your ride can be customized in many different colours and designs in grand theft auto san andreas.
  • Cloth shops, where players can purchase clothing and accessories, are also available.
  • Barbershops, which are a fun game feature, allow CJ to alter his hairstyle and select from a variety.
  • You can also go to the gym and work out. This will help CJ gain muscle mass and weight.
  • The game’s artificial intelligence has also been greatly improved. The NCPs are much smarter and can adapt to the environment they find themselves in. You can also speak to them and receive a response depending on the situation.

These are the best features that make the game worth playing. gta san andreas are also better than the GTA. This is why millions around the world have played the game. It’s no wonder that people still play the game in 2020, despite it being released almost a decade ago.

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download GTA san andreas

  • Downloading GTA San Andreas APK after you’ve decided to play the game is a simple and easy task. To ensure you can download the game and enjoy it, there are some steps you need to take.
  • Step 1: First, go to your phone’s settings and ensure that “Download from unknown sources” is enabled. This will allow you to download the file from outside sources. The apk files cannot be downloaded from any other source unless allowed.
  • Step 2: Next, download the apk file by visiting “Enter site here”. Click the download button to ask permission to save the file.
  • Step 3: Wait for the download to complete. Once it has been completed, you can access the Apk file. The file can be found under Documents > Downloads.
  • Step 4: The APK file will open, and begin installing the game to your mobile immediately. Follow the instructions to install the game on your phone. You will need to download the OBB file and then open it when required to install the game.
  • Step 5: Wait until the download completes. You can now play the game on your phone once it finishes.


  • Can GTA San Andreas APK hack your device?
  • GTA San Andreas APK can be downloaded safely without introducing malware or viruses to your device. You don’t need to worry about downloading it.
  • Is GTA San Andreas on IOS?
  • Yes, you can download the game to both Android and IOS. You might find the game runs better on an IOS device.
  • Is GTA San Andreas like GTA Vice City,
  • The games are not identical, even though they were developed by similar developers. GTA Vice City revolves around free-to-play gameplay. San Andreas, however, has some role play elements. CJ must eat enough to keep him healthy, and he should exercise regularly to stay fit. There is also a wide range of weapon and vehicle options. These features are not available in vice-city.
  • How can I download GTA San Andreas to my regular phone?
  • Although you may download the game from a regular smartphone, you might not have enough storage or a suitable resolution to run the full-HD graphics version.


Many great and classic mobile games have been created due to the rapid development of mobile gaming. GTA San Andreas is a classic and is among the most loved and successful mobile games ever made.

It is not available in the Google Play Store. However, the APK version is entirely free. The page also contains a link to download gta san andreas Apk. You can download it and enjoy the nostalgic journey.

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