Guardian tales mod apk 2022 Unlimited money/Gems

Guardian Tales mod Apk 2022, an addictive game, is the tale of land known as Canterbury, which was the home of peaceful residents of an entire kingdom.

The kingdom has existed over the centuries and endured over generations.

The land was savagely attacked by various people and was surrounded by numerous enemies.

Yet, no matter the many times they tried to destroy the kingdom or the people that lived there, the domain of Canterbury remains intact.

Guardian tales mod apk

It is time to take. After days of silence, there’s an imminent threat to the region’s inhabitants. They aren’t the usual adversaries. The great devil and many demon forces have come to take over this area.

A guard knight group, also known as the Legendary Guardians, protects the kingdom of Canterbury. The Legendary Guardian is the only ones to stop the blood-sucking enemy from encroaching on the land. You can throw explosive bombs.

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Story of Guardian Tales Mod Apk

One of these online role playing game can be found in Guardian Tales mod apk. It has a huge player base and gaming community. It is produced by Kakao Video Games Corp. and is popular with over 10,000 players across the world.

The guardian tales apk’s gameplay, the numerous story plots, guild house, the various happenings within the game world, and attractive fantasy world and many more.

They are all very satisfying. It’s not just enjoyable, but it also provides excellent material that allows the game to keep its story going.

You’ll be able to manage your character and connect diverse parts of Kanterbury’s world. Canterbury. To open new lands, players require energy points. They will then have the ability to travel about and complete the tasks.

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Mod Features of Guardian Tales Mod Apk 2022

GenreRole playing
mod infounlimited gold and diamonds
size133 MB
developerKakao games corporation

Unlimited Gold & Unlimited Diamonds

The main currency used in The game’s currency is gold. There are numerous ways to earn these coins. You can start by beating your foes or completing quests and earning coins through the daily reward system.

To acquire more gold or to earn more, sell your equipment. Gamers utilize gold to make Kamazon purchases.

The greater the amount of gold you have, the more you can afford additional things in mod apk of guardian tales.

Get Guardian Tales MOD APK now. Guardian Tales MOD APK now to get unlimited Gold to your account in the game.

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Diamonds are regarded as the most important money. There are three ways to obtain diamonds: by attending occasions, Colosseum as well as Arena.

Diamonds are required to buy summoning heroes, equipment, and stamina. You can purchase diamonds using cash.

Various Characters with different and unique abilities

Guardian Tales mod, very cute game, allows players to be a single hero throughout guardian tales. Every aspect of your hero’s strength and capabilities is in your hands.

You can find some fascinating details about your hero that you should be aware of.

Heroes will only have two stats: DPS and toughness. These statistics will tell you how strong your character is. The other skill is character abilities.

You need to equip your hero with these abilities. To unlock these skills, you’ll need to improve your character.

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Additionally, you will have six slots for equipping things like weapons, make, as well as fashion. It is essential to make an effort to acquire the equipment that you require before you get a better item.

Various Items

Guardian Tales mod includes more than 1000 items of equipment you can acquire. There are a variety of kinds to pick from One-handed sword, Two-handed sword Basket, Bow as well as Staff.

Each category will be assigned a distinct rank based on the number of stars are available and the colors they come in.

Guardian Tales MOD APK 2.29.0 (Unlimited Money) Download

The greater the number of stars and more apparent colors are, the more powerful the product will appear in guardian tales apk 2022.

Equipment will be restricted to 5 stars maximum with a minimum of one star. Equipment should have a minimum of 3 stars in order to let players learn the skills in the use of equipment.

Unique Design, controls, and gameplay elements

Guardian Tales mod is more traditional in comparison to when the pictures and characters are pixel-style. It’s still well-known, even though it’s an old style.

Guardian Tales apk was not made in a traditional style. It is also a game with several modern features. The game’s visuals are more clear and more smooth than those in the Pixel style.

Everything will continue to be smooth and with a speed that is fast. Guardian tales game is bound to be adored and appreciated by many.

The game’s sound is more enjoyable when there is non-verbal background music that’s vibrant and enjoyable. The sounds of fighting will make you excited throughout the fight.

Other Features:

  • game involves dungeons like dark and dangerous dungeons
  • it is a RPG game.
  • developed by kakao games corporation
  • discover hidden pathways
  • new and hidden paths
  • game interesting many gamers
  • pixel art game
  • amazing treasures
  • evil pig monsters beware
  • infinite knight evolution stones
  • unlimited hero crystals, unlimited copper swords, unlimited stars pieces
  • familiar anime shades
  • action adventure game
  • fight bosses and destroy monsters in challenging boss fights
  • involves complex puzzles
  • vintage slot machines and epic quest

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