How is the gameplay of criminal case game

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Criminal case is an online hidden object game that takes place in a police station. The player takes on the role of a detective, and their task is to solve various crimes that have been committed in the city.

The gameplay is fairly simple and straightforward; the player is presented with a crime scene, and they must find all of the clues that are hidden within it. Once all of the clues have been found, the player must then use their deductive skills to solve the crime.

The game is heavily reliant on its puzzles, and many of them are quite challenging. However, the player is given a hint system that can be used if they get stuck.

Overall, Criminal Case is a fun and addicting game that will keep you coming back for more. The puzzles are challenging, but not impossible, and the sense of satisfaction you get from solving a crime is very satisfying.

Features of criminal case game

Criminal Case is a popular game that allows players to solve crimes. The game features different cases that players must solve, and each case is different. Players must use their detective skills to solve the case and find the culprit.

The game features different locations that players can explore, and each location has different clues that players can find. Players can also find different items that can help them solve the case. The game also features different characters that players can interact with, and each character has their own role in the case.

Players can also use different tools to help them solve the case. These tools include a magnifying glass, a camera, and a DNA scanner. Players can also use the evidence room to help them find clues.

Criminal Case is a great game for players who enjoy solving puzzles and crimes. The game is challenging and requires players to use their detective skills. The game is also great for players who enjoy exploring different locations and interacting with different characters.