How To Get All Achievements In Worldbox

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There is no one definitive way to get all achievements in WorldBox. However, some tips that may help include: 

-Playing the game regularly and completing as many achievements as possible each time 

-Using a guide or walkthrough to help identify which achievements are still needed 

-Speaking to other players to see if they have any tips or advice on completing achievements -Using cheats or hacks to unlock achievements (this is not recommended as it can lead to bans or other penalties).

How to get the destroy worldbox achievement in worldbox

To get the “Achievement Unlocked” achievement in WorldBox mod apk Trait editor, either open the game and tap on the WorldBox logo until all the letters fall off, then tap it one more time; or go to the “Other various powers” tab, select the news (exclamation mark) icon, and the WorldBox logo should appear. Once it does, repeat the process of tapping on the logo until all the letters fall off.

How to get the destroy worldbox achievement in worldbox

How to get the king of kings achievement in worldbox

1. Find an Orc King with five traits: Savage, Regeneration and any three others. An orc with four traits can gain a trait from eating.

2. Give your Orc the shield buff and Blessed Trait before hitting them with lightning until they have Energised and Immortal.

3. Have your Orc kill a Necromancer for Mageslayer, a Dragon for Dragonslayer and an Enemy King for Kingslayer.

4. Let your Orc attack an army for a bit to get the Veteran Trait, make sure they fight long enough to become Crippled and One-Eyed.

5. Set your Orc on fire until they get Skin Burn.

6. Give your Orc a rest until they have become Wise and get a Golden Tooth.

7. Let your Orc attack a Tumor to give them the Tumor Trait, it might take a few goes.

8. Give your Orc the Zombie Virus and Mush Spores.

How to get the tornado achievement in worldbox

To get the tornado achievement in WorldBox, you will need to summon a tornado or wait for one to spawn. Once a tornado has spawned, keep using the curse power on it from the “Other various powers” tab until the tornado reaches its maximum size.

How to get the pie achievement in worldbox

To get the pie achievement, you must first deselect any tab you may be in. Next, click on the save world icon and scroll to the bottom. At the bottom, click “THANKS FOR PLAYING” twice. Finally, click the pie.