How To Get Rid Of God Finger In Worldbox

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God finger is a tool that God uses to create things. It is basically a finger that can copy anything it touches and then create a replica of it. God finger can copy anything it touches and then create a replica of it. So if it touches a mountain, it will create another mountain. If it touches a road, it will create another road. It is basically a way for God to create things.

How to get rid of god finger in worldbox mod apk

In order to get rid of God Finger in WorldBox mod apk, you will need to kill it. You can do this by using any weapon or item that deals damage. Once God Finger is dead, it will no longer be able to copy anything it lands on.

How to stop god finger in worldbox

There is no surefire way to stop God Finger in WorldBox. However, there are a few things you can do to make it harder for God Finger to copy things: -Make sure there is only one type of terrain on the map. This will make it harder for God Finger to find something to copy. -Keep track of where God Finger is and try to block its path with objects or terrain that it can’t copy. -Kill God Finger as quickly as possible. The longer it is alive, the more chances it has to copy something If you can do these things, it will make it much harder for God Finger to cause havoc in WorldBox.

How to stop god finger in worldbox

What does god finger do in worldbox

God Finger is an entity that has powerful terrain altering abilities. It looks like the finger tool, just with a golden outline. It moves very swiftly, constantly creating different terrain tiles everywhere it goes. These can range from ocean tiles to hill and mountain tiles.

You cannot inspect the god finger. You can indeed kill it, the exact health of the god finger is unknown. The god finger creates strings of tiles, and sometimes patterns like the Ants. It can never create real terrain. Strike a god finger with lightning gives you “Move it!” achievement. 

When the god finger creates terrain, it does so quickly and with great force. The resulting terrain is often jagged and unstable, and can quickly change shape if the god finger moves around too much. This makes it difficult to use the god finger to create specific shapes or patterns, but it can be used to create general areas of different types of terrain.