how to get unlimited keys in farmville 2 country escape

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Keys are one of the primary currency types in Farmville 2: Country Escape. They are used to unlock new areas, purchase items from the store, and speed up the timers on certain actions. Keys can be earned by completing tasks, achievements, and events. They can also be purchased with real money.

How to get unlimited keys in farmville 2 country escape

In Farmville 2: Country Escape, there is a way to get an unlimited number of keys without having to spend any real money. Here’s how:

1. Collect all of the keys that you can find by completing quests, harvesting crops, and opening chests.

2. Once you have a decent amount of keys, go to the store and purchase the key multiplier item.

3. Use the key multiplier item and you will instantly have twice the amount of keys that you started with.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have the desired amount of keys.

How to get apple mastery seal farmville 2 country escape

One of the most popular games on Facebook is Farmville 2. The game has a loyal following of fans who enjoy spending their time tending to their virtual farms. One of the goals in the game is to achieve the apple mastery seal. This is a coveted prize that can be earned by completing a series of tasks related to apples.

If you’re looking to earn the apple mastery seal in Farmville 2, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, you’ll need to purchase the apple orchard from the store. Once you have the orchard, you’ll need to plant and harvest a certain number of apples. The exact number will vary depending on the level you’re on.

In addition to planting and harvesting apples, you’ll also need to care for your trees. This includes watering them and keeping them free of pests. Once you’ve completed all of the tasks related to apples, you’ll be awarded the apple mastery seal.