Is Funimation completely free?

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No, Funimation is not completely free. While we do offer a free trial, our premium membership is required to watch most of our content. For more information on our free trial and premium membership, please visit our website.

Is Funimation moving to Crunchyroll?

As of late, there has been much speculation that Funimation, one of the largest anime distributors in North America, may be moving to Crunchyroll, one of the most popular streaming services for anime. While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, many fans are wondering if this could be the case.

There are several reasons why this move could make sense for Funimation. For one, Crunchyroll has a large user base of over 50 million people, which would give Funimation a wider reach for its titles. Additionally, Crunchyroll is available in 190 countries, while Funimation is only available in North America. This would give Funimation the ability to tap into new markets and grow its business.

Furthermore, Crunchyroll has a strong partnership with Sony, which could be beneficial for Funimation. Sony owns a majority stake in Funimation, and a partnership with Crunchyroll could help Funimation get its titles distributed on Sony platforms such as the PlayStation Network.

At this point, it is still unclear if Funimation is actually moving to Crunchyroll. However, the rumors are certainly intriguing, and it will be interesting to see if anything comes of them.

Is Crunchyroll or Funimation better?

In the world of streaming anime, there are two major players: Crunchyroll and Funimation. Both platforms offer a wide selection of anime shows and movies, but which one is better?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a wider selection of anime shows, then Crunchyroll is the way to go. They offer over 900 different titles, compared to Funimation’s 400. Crunchyroll also has a more diverse selection of genres, so you’re sure to find something to suit your taste.

However, if you’re looking for anime in HD, then Funimation is the better option. All of their titles are available in 1080p, while Crunchyroll only offers a handful of shows in HD. Funimation also has exclusive rights to some popular shows, like Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia, so you won’t be able to find them anywhere else.

In the end, it really comes down to personal preference. If you can’t decide, why not try both platforms and see which one you like better?

Is Funimation available in Philippines?

Yes, Funimation is available in the Philippines. You can purchase or rent Funimation titles through the Funimation app or website.