Is zizzy infected in piggy Book 2 in Roblox mod?

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zizzy in piggy in roblox is a funny and cute game that will make you smile. You play as a little piggy who is trying to get to the other side of the road. However, there are many obstacles in your way, including traffic and angry dogs. Can you help zizzy reach her goal?

Some players have speculated that Zizzy may be infected in Piggy Book 2, based on her behavior in the game. However, it is currently unconfirmed whether or not this is the case. Zizzy does exhibit some strange behavior, such as hissing and growling, which could be indicative of an infection. However, she also seems to be scared of the other pigs, which could just be because she’s different from them. Only time will tell if Zizzy is truly infected or not. Thank you for reading!

Does Zee speak in Piggy in roblox mod?

No, Zee does not speak in Piggy in roblox mod apk. However, she is able to understand what is being said to her.

Does zizzy get cured in Piggy roblox?

There is no cure for zizzy in roblox, but there are ways to manage the symptoms and keep zizzy under control. Some of the treatments that are available include: medication, therapy, and support groups. With proper treatment, most people with zizzy are able to lead normal, productive lives.

Does zizzy get infected in Piggy roblox?

No, zizzy does not get infected in Piggy roblox. The virus only affects humans.

Does zizzy get infected in Piggy roblox?

Does zizzy have a brother in Piggy roblox?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the back story and history of the characters in Piggy roblox is not fully fleshed out. However, many fans believe that zizzy does not have a brother in Piggy roblox, as there has been no mention of one in the game or by the developers.

This is likely due to the fact that zizzy is an orphan, and therefore would not have any siblings.

How did zizzy get infected in Piggy roblox?

Zizzy is a character in the Roblox game Piggy. She is one of the twelve playable characters in the game. Zizzy is a human girl who was infected by the virus that turns people into zombies. It is unknown how she got infected, but it is possible that she was bitten by a zombie. Once she turned into a zombie, she started attacking other humans. She is one of the most dangerous zombies in the game and can kill a human player very quickly. If you see Zizzy approaching, it is best to run away as fast as you can.

Is zizzy a girl in Piggy roblox?

No, Zizzy is not a girl. Zizzy is a robot character in the game Piggy.

Is zizzy alive in Piggy roblox?

Some players believe that zizzy is still alive in Piggy roblox, despite the fact that she was seemingly killed off in the game. There is no concrete evidence to support this claim, but some players point to the fact that zizzy’s body was never shown on-screen as proof that she could still be alive. Whether or not zizzy is truly alive in Piggy roblox remains a mystery.